Following are some frequently asked questions about LatLink's services:

Q: Which international markets are LatLink's focus?

A: Our focus and expertise lies in the Latin American and Caribbean regions. Latin America is defined as Mexico, Central America and some South American markets. The Caribbean region includes the Spanish-speaking markets of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, as well as the English, French and Dutch speaking islands. We are also making recent headway into African markets.

Q: In which products and industries does LatLink specialize?

A: LatLink's greatest expertise is with Food and Beverage products. We also market ingredient lines and related supplies sold to food and beverage manufacturers.

Q: Which channels do you sell to?

A: We make your products available to consumers through all available retail and wholesale channels, including: mass merchants, hypermarkets, supermarkets, mom & pop stores/bodegas, kiosks, distributors, wholesalers, open markets and even street vendors. We also develop opportunities through Foodservice / Institutional channels servicing bars, restaurants, factory canteens, schools and hospitals. Finally, we market food and beverage manufacturing ingredients and related supplies directly to manufacturers.

Q: How does LatLink obtain information on international markets?

A: We sometimes use secondary research sources such as Nielsen, IRI and Zenith. But more often we rely on our own primary research and our team's local market knowledge. We have found that the most complete and reliable information comes directly from customers, distributors, competitors and consumers in the target markets.

Q: What types of companies can benefit from your services?

A: Any manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor of Packaged Food and/or Beverage products, manufacturing ingredients or supplies that wishes to more effectively develop export markets will benefit from our services.

Q: Our company has very experienced Sales and Marketing managers. Why can't we develop new export markets ourselves?

A: There are many reasons why even the most accomplished Sales and Marketing managers can fail in international markets. The first is that an International Sales or Marketing Plan must include important additional legal, cultural and political factors not encountered in the US market.

Any Sales and Marketing Plan, be it international or domestic, is based on the famous "Four Ps": Product, Price, Promotion and Place/ Distribution. International Plans, however, must also take into account: import duties, Customs regulations, local Food & Drug regulations, ocean freight costs, the local political environment, a different legal system with "unwritten laws", different business practices and customs, personal and family relationships between competitors and their customers, higher levels of corruption and, of course, a different language.

Q: Is knowledge of the local culture important?

A: Overseas consumers have very different tastes, preferences and psychology that those in the USA. A successful approach in the US market will often backfire overseas. The "gut instinct" that guides a Salesperson in the domestic market can lead him/her to draw the wrong conclusions about export markets.

Culture also defines local business practices. For example, if a business prospect in the US tells you that he will give your proposal great consideration common sense tells you it is a positive sign. However, in many countries it could just be a polite way of saying "no". And he could be rejecting your proposal for reasons or relationships of which you are totally unaware.

As often as US managers get into trouble from what they do not know, they can also fail because of what they incorrectly assume (see "Cultural Fiascoes").

Q: What is LatLink's confidentiality policy?

A: Confidentiality and transparency are the cornerstones of our business. Your trust is our number one priority. We will not discuss or reveal any confidential projects, strategies or market activities with other clients, customers or your competitors without your express authorization. Period. Our reputation -- and our mutual success -- depends on it.

Q: How do I learn more about LatLink's Sales and Marketing services?

A: Please call us at Tel: 1-312-208-7364, Skype: dennisreid or email us at: info@latlinkintl.com