Marketing Consultation / Other Services

We work with our clients and principals to first understand their business needs, priorities and available resources. Then we develop a fact-based strategy for identifying opportunities and developing the targeted international markets. In addition to our Sales Representation we also offer you the following consultation services on a project-by-project basis:

International Marketing

  • Marketing and Sales Plans
  • Product Launch Plans
  • Product Positioning Strategies
  • Competitive Analysis

International Market Research

  • Consumer Focus Groups
  • Trade Research
  • Market Pricing Studies

Packaging Development and Compliance

  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Translation and Localization
  • Legal Compliance
  • Consumer Testing

Cross-Cultural Training

  • Training seminars on "Doing Business in Latin America/Caribbean"
  • Local Business Practices
  • Negotiating and Building Relationships
  • Understanding Non-Verbal Communications
  • Business Meal Etiquette
  • Travel Safety Guidelines

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